Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who Would Save Africa

It was some time two years ago
when someone looked back at the past
on what our ancestors suffered during the slave trade
Then she cried loud for help asking,
who would save Africa?

I was there and
I saw her
she knelt down
and shed tears
tears of blood,
straight from her heart
who would save Africa?
It was indeed a cry,
a cry over split milk

Her hopes were high
She could offer to help
But she lack the capability
The best she could do
was all she was doing
with an unimmagine solemnly
wailing and mourning
crying and yearning for help
not for herself
but for Africa,
the dying Africa

And at last
someone heard her cry
pittied her and said
your pains I share from
stand up from your knee
and cry no more
I would build a school
it shall be a place
where African children would dream
It shall be a place
that would prepare them
preparing them for the challenge
the present challenge
the global challenge
So that they would never lag again.

Abti-American University of Nigeria:
a place where African children are encourage to dream

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