Monday, May 18, 2009

Freshman Composition: What is it?

You have heard that writing is a major component of the American Education and what we receive here in AUN is of no exception. Every freshman offers two courses of writting titled freshman writing or freshman composition 1 and 2 their first and second semestes respectively. But what do they write about?

Many of the writing courses are to develop your thinking ability. A professor would want to see how you reason and how built your imaginative ability is. I got this piece (sort of a trash) on the desk were I am going to do my studies and I found it interesting to blog about. It sort of tell about what professors ask students to write about and for prospective students out there, I felt you may like to know in advance what it is that professors would want you to do in a writing course. This writing 101 assignment is for students to create their religion. I will type word for word this student’s work without disclosing the student’s name however. I think it is sort of an outline.

Titled “Eighteen Questions about My Invented Religion

1. Address if your religion has a god or not: My religion will have a god. His name will be Bass and he will be known to humanity as a microphone (his image).

2.What are the six things people in your relition believe in?
The only sexual abomination is unprotected sex.
The concept in rap is not how you flow it, but how you knwow it.
All money is good money.
In the hood, Niges are like cutlery in the kitchen
Make more haters than you can count
Life is short

3. Six main rules of your religion
Thou shall not kill for no good reason
Never loss your chanin because it represnts your name
Never start a battle with your inferior
Never stal another worshippers lyrics
Do not abuse any microphone in any way
Never claim to be the best

4. Who (if any) will be in charge?
No one person will be in charge. A body of twenty-four of the world’s top producers
(each representing the coast of his continent) will run things.

5. What two things clearly will not be acceptable in your religion?
Piracy is forbidden
Never abuse a microphone

6. Who could and could not belong to your religion?
Conservationist cannot be part of this religion.

7. What religion is it the opposite of in anyway?

8. What roll will you play in uour religion and how will people treat you?
I will be the creator of the religion but no one will know that I created it

9. What will they call you?
People will call me the Voic of Bass.

10. What uniform will you and the men and women priests wear?
My identity will never be revealed because I will always be wearing black hooded sweet shirts with blue jeans and whit sneakers. The priests will also be dressed in the same way.

11. How would your worship building be?
Any structure with an elevation (stage) which allows for people on it to be seen will be used for worship when needed.

12. How much money will it cost to join your religion weekly/monthly?
Money will not be collected in cash. Rather worshippers are expected to buy at
least nine albums a month.

13. How will they pray in your religion?
They will pray with a pattern of lines or rhymes which can fit into a 4/4 music beat count. Any position is accepted except praying lying down.

14. Will there be singing and dancing in your religion?
Yes, Singing, and dancing and any other form of praise that do not conflict with
any of the six don’ts of the religion will be accepted.

15. Give me an example of a song.
Thug Mansion remix by 2pac featuring NAS

16. What will you call you religion?

17. Was there an old religion, what was it?

18. Is the religion magnetic, charismatic or forced?
It will be magnetic and charismatic but not forced

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Golden Hearted AUN students that Volunteered during the last orientation

I wrote this early this semester to be a part of the AUN students magazine which unfortunately was never published. I mean the magazine has not or was not printed. Don't know what went wrong. Maybe funding.

The orientation exercise was very well organized; certainly the most organized since the inception of AUN. There are lots of instances to this one of which was the large number of students that volunteered. Such an increase in the number brought division of labor which made the entire process very effective and efficient. It was indeed a far cry from what it used to be in past orientation exercises when very few persons volunteered.

I felt very happy that AUN students were beginning to put into practice the things they have learnt unconsciously. They have learnt that the volunteering service is one way to be patriotic and patriotism is one way we can make AUN great. Also, there is a kind of feeling of joy that comes when you help somebody just for helping sake because you know that they are also going to help someone someday. And this really makes the world go round. These students who volunteered have demonstrated the spirit of love and it was love that does not expect anything in return. For this, I will call them “The Golden Hearted Students.” The large volunteer of students this year (the largest so far) recorded the largest number of students participating in the various programs outlined for them. This made the number of confusion cases that new students normally experienced highly reduced, making their transition to the university a smooth one.

Another reason that made it very organized was the duration of the orientation. It spanned over a week and so the new student had enough time to settle down before classes started. And for the new students, their hopes were very high and in my chat with some of them of lately, they agree that their expectations were surpassed and are convinced that AUN is a surely in the edge of soaring high among Nigerian and African Universities. I hope that these new students will volunteer someday in helping other students such that we can continue to achieve greatness. Together we can all make this great.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Love Musish Football Club Founded by AUN Pioneer Student

I have no idea how I got to this blog. I think I probably just type in the words "aaun blogger" in the google search engine. Yes, I did. I now remember. Because I was bored. I'm sorry, I'm frequently getting absent minded and forgetful. Maybe it's because getting old. Ok, now, new students orientation is going on and today happen to be the day we got the lowest number of newstudents. It was 62 the first day, second was 74 while yesterday sunday was 47. I just went to have my lunch now and I just checked the new students turn up list at the welcome desk of Peter Okocha hall (formally called the General Purpose building) where the orientation is taking place and the number is about 17 so far today. The school admitted about 400 and is especting 250 to enrol. I am very sure we will get up to 300. There is a flight this afternoon. So, we might still have more students.

This post is not surpose to be about new students at all. Ok, I am a volunteer (as I have always been on very AUN orientation but this time I have kinda left the duty of welcoming and directing new students job to the admission section where I help sort out new students file from the cabinent and make photocopies of whatever document outstanding, a kind of continuation of my vacation job but now not being paid for it.) Since no new student have come withing the period I left for lunch, there is probably no need to go to washington hall where the admission and finance clearance, as well as the dorm check-in, the three essential stages of the orientation, are being done. Here I am in the New York hall where the library is housed temporarily pending the completion of the library under construction, doing some blogging because I am bored. I can see some other bored orientation volunteer playing chess here in the library. It was the boredom that led me to search aaun blogger and remembered mustapha because he calls himself the aaun blogger. Then I remembered that he is now well known as mushish because is the founder of Mushish football club. Then I searched musish and got a blog that wrote something about mushish which I fould entertaining and inspiring enough to copy and paste in my blog. It is an interview by one 35 year old Elie B. Smith, who holds Diploma in Mass Communications and a Bachelor in International Marketing. He is a Broadcast Journalist by profession and has worked with the English services of Radio France International and Canal France International,respectively as a correspondent in Africa and sports commentator in Paris where he is now living. Below is the exerpt and click here if you want to read from the original source.

Champions League kicks off tomorrow in Omdurman, the sister city of the Sudanese capital Khartoum, with a thrilling match pitting the Sudanese champions Al Hilal against Nigeria’s champions Eyinmba Football Club of Aba, Nigeria, in Nigeria and also in other parts of the continent, all sees and ears will be waiting for the outcome. A victory of the people’s Elephant, as the Aba based team is fondly called in eastern Nigeria, will give an indication on their ambition in this year’s tournament. MTN CAF Champions League is a competition that, they have lifted the trophy twice. But there is no ounce of doubt that, Eyinmba FC is one of the best managed football teams in Nigeria and also in sub Saharan Africa. But another Nigerian club from the North eastern Nigerian city of Yola wants imitate Eyinmba. But the problem is that, North eastern Nigeria and Yola in particular, doesn’t sound as a place where such pretensions could made. But the promoter and manager of Musish Football Club of Yola is determined to write his city and region’s name in the annals of Nigerian and African Club Football. How will he achieve such a feat in an area not known to be a paragon of the round leather? That is what Mr Mustapha Ayoola Ishola attempts to answer in the interview that follows.

Elie B. Smith: What is the name of your football club and when was it set up?
Mustapha Ayoola Ishola: The Name of our football club is MUSISH FOOTBALL CLUB. It was set up in December 2006.

Elie B. Smith: In what level is your football club playing in the Nigerian league?
Mustapha Ayoola Ishola: Our club is non divisional at the present. We have decided to remain in this state till we are able to acquire a national division 1 or national division 2 side, sometime in the future. However, we play in the premier league in the American University of Nigeria (AUN) which has been our home soil ever since our birth. We have remained in the premier league ever since.

Elie B. Smith: Given that, Yola and North eastern Nigeria are not sources of talented footballers, who do need players to feed your club?

Mustapha Ayoola Ishola: The American University of Nigeria houses students from all over the country. This is one of our strength because we have a combination of northern + eastern + south-western + south-southern players. We can boast of quite a good spread of players from all over the country.

Elie B. Smith: Given the dearth of young players in North eastern Nigeria, have you not thought of opening a training centre to train local talents or you just import players from other parts of Nigeria?

Mustapha Ayoola Ishola: We certainly have a plan to host some sort of boot camp to sift players from Yola and environs. For now, the university is a good enough breeding ground for us.

Elie B. Smith: If you have set up a training centre already, what are the conditions of admission and how long has your training centre been operating?

Mustapha Ayoola Ishola: We have not set up a training centre yet (though we hope to do so very soon). But we do organize ourselves in the fields of AUN. This has been happening since our birth – will be 2 years in December. We once used the Jimeta stadium when we played in the 2007 Coca-cola FA cup. During that time, there was a mini screening session to get the players that represented the team. After the competition, a reconsideration of the costs was the reason why that very team dispersed. The condition for admission now is that the player should be a student in the American University of Nigeria and that he should be recommended by the manager and/or coach of the team.

Elie B. Smith: What is the name of the centre?

Mustapha Ayoola Ishola: AUN Football pitch – that is where we are at least training for now.

Elie B. Smith: How is the management structure of your club?

Mustapha Ayoola Ishola: Like most organizations, we have a board of trustees who are at the highest point on the ladder. The board includes the president, four vice president positions (only 2 are filled for now), a manager, and players of the club. What I preach as the president of the club is that every member of the club has an obligation to lead and act in their capacities as players (in other words, as members of the board of trustees), although it is the captain that matters the most when it comes to decision making. Each player has a responsibility he does for the club. Every member of the club (except the patrons) attend training sessions and is qualified to play for the club should s/he be considered fit by the manager. Management and Relational concerns are conveyed to the president, and the president conveys to the board of trustees. The structure is such that there is a “Main” Musish Football Club, and there is Musish Football Club, AUN (Musish FC, AUN). Musish FC, AUN is a sub set of “Main” Musish Football Club. The visibility of this concept will be seen as the club grows over time. The Officials are as follows:Mr. Mustapha Ishola – presidentProf. Beniah Oguzie – patronProf. Stuart Brown - patronMr. Ehidiamhen Okpamen – vice presidentMs. Tara Obiago – vice presidentMr. Effiong Okpo – managerMr. Raymond Jacobs – captain.Elie B. Smith: What are the ambitions of your club in the Nigerian and continental leagues?Mustapha Ayoola Ishola: We have very good prospects. We shall play in the FA cup again for the second time in 2009 and we hope to represent Adamawa State and Nigeria in the Confederation cup. We also hope that in not less than 4 years from now, we should have a representation in the Nigerian Premier league, and in 5 years, in the CAF Champions league.Elie B. Smith: Is there any other thing that, you may have wanted us to talk or ask that we have not? If yes, what are they?Mustapha Ayoola Ishola: Yes, I expect to talk about some history of the club. Club HistoryFROM FOUNDATIONMusish Football Club began life when a group of students at the American University of Nigeria (AUN) decided to form a football team in late 2006. The Club had played under the name LXB FC before this time. Their first match was a 3-0 victory over Java FC, on April 21, 2007. Soon after, the name Musish FC was adopted and the Club continued playing in friendlies and local AUN cup competitions for the next few years.The Club turned professional and joined the Football League in the Spring of 2007. They have since then had their home at AUN, Yola, Adamawa, Nigeria. Musish FC have been playing in the AUN premier league, where they have remained ever since.Musish were champions for the first time in AUN in the first ever AUN Premier league in 2006 as the former League of Xtraordinary Ballers (LXB). They were runners up in the following season having lost in the finals to TB FC. Musish FC participated in the 2007 Coca-Cola FA Cup for the first time. During this time Musish had some of the game’s greatest players in AUN on its books: Littbarski Adeh, Richard Etim, Samuel Abok, Yusuf John, Raymond Jacobs, Quadri Danlami and Abubakar Kele, were just some of the names in what was one of the greatest sides ever to play in the Football League. Better has been the last season when they qualified for the first AUN SUG cup competition and played in its semifinals. The trashing they gave to Java FC and the lucky draw Field Mobs had were enough to secure a space in the Semi final of the competition. Musish Football Club has the most fan in the American University of Nigeria and hopes to extend it through out Africa. With heavy dependence on business intelligence within and outside of the club, we ever strive for success on and off the football field.ColorsDuring the first sixteen months of their history, Musish had several different kit colors. The team originally played in orange but as new players arriving at the club wore their shirts during matches as the depreciation grew, confusion soon ensued. It was decided that the shirts would be individual properties with the names and numbers of players written on its back, both to save on expenses and to instill a much smarter look. The jersey that was made comes in royal blue and this is proving popular with fans and supporters. Musish away shirt will be red with white and red shorts and various other editions (like the “other” jersey which will be in white and black) will appear as time passes by.The kit today remains white shirt with a royal blue short and with a blue and white striped socks. The Jersey LaunchThe Club's management was very happy to inform its fans and supporters on the availability of its Jersey for commercial purpose. All the jerseys were made to the tastes of the consumers as their names and preferred numbers came printed at the back of it. To get a copy, they simply sent their names and numbers to and in a week, they got it. Though the launch date has been pasted for the sake of having a better planning for the event, The management advice that fans and supporters should buy the jerseys for friends and families at the cheap additional logistics costs. Musish Football Club currently boasts of the largest supporter base in AUN, Yola, and its environs. The Club hopes to be keep on in its strive for success on and off the football field as it looks forward to providing a sizable number of the players that will be in the Nigerian Squad in the South Africa 2010 World Cup.

Elie B. Smith: Finally, could you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Mustapha Ayoola Ishola, a native of Ogun State, Nigeria. I attended my secondary school at the Abeokuta Grammar School, Abeokuta, Ogun State, and I am a senior now at the American University of Nigeria. I have for a long time admired European football clubs and after watching several Real Madrid matches, I feel excited to see and belong to a club of such strength and might. That feeling led to the planning of Musish Football Club in the summer of 2006 which eventually started in December 2006 at the American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa.

I am not a great fan of football though, but I think I like Musish. Particularly his logo. Ok, fine, he is Mustapha is my brother and friend. My brother because we look very much alike. Truly speaking, we are twin from different mother. I don't who is senior anyway. I think it is me even though he has more bears than I do. Little wonder if those bears are really. They could have been got from the babbers shop and glued to his chin by someone who love MUSISH. I love Musish. Click here to read Mustapha's blog about Musish. It was Musish that prompted him to open his blog. He should then be ashamed of himself for calling himself the aaun blogger when he does not blog often. Imagine that he has not blogged since year 2005 chrismas.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Atiku- The Story of Atiku Abubakar (Founder AUN and former VP of Nigeria)

I have just finished reading the book titled Atiku- The Story of Atiku Abubakar. It is the biography of founder of AUN who was the vice-president of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007, one of the books I planned to read during this holiday. His life history is really very touching. I probably felt the story much because it is one that is akin to mine in the area of background; he is born of humble background. I should probably just get an excerpt from the book for you to understand what I mean. Chapter 3 page 29 of the book is titled Atiku Goes To School.

Young Atiku was a quiet, sensitive boy who assisted his father on the farm and with the livestock. When he was old enough, he would take the animals (cows and sheep) to the fields to graze and bring them back home at sunset. He also fetched some firewood for cooking and for illumination. Kajoli, like most Nigerian villages then, had no electricity or running water. Sometimes, he would only be required to feed the animals at home with hay or supply then water to drink or potash to lick. Like every young boy in the are, these were chores he enjoyed. He was excited by the animals and enjoyed playing with them. He learned to ride horses and donkeys which his father used to transport goods to the various markets.

He spent his free time playing soccer on improvised fields with neighborhood boys… Sometimes they made bows and arrows and went hunting for birds to shoot. Every night after dinner, there would be Koranic studies. His father or any other learned person in the village would teach them. A bonfire was normally made in the middle of the family compound to provide illumination for the evening Koranic classes. Attendance was compulsory. Parents would o build spiritually foundation for their young ones through lessons.
As an only child, he was very close to his parents… Three years after Atiku started school, tragedy struck in December 1957.... Atiku was just 11 years old when he losed his father.

Young Atiku of the1950s has today grown up to become rich and very influential. He has some admirable qualities that everyone would want to emulate. As Adinoyi Ojo Onukaba, the author of his biography puts it while summarising the book in the last two paragraph of the the book (the epilogue section):

“adversity has taught him to be kind, caring and compassionate; his childhood experience as a herdsman leading the family livestock to the pasture imbued in him the value of patience; the loneliness of childhood made him a lover of people and of a large family; the tragedy of being orphaned at tan early age instilled in him the virtues of hardwork and independencd and an abiding faith in God; his 20-year career in the Customs exposed him to the larger and more complex would outside the one he knew in Southern Adamawa; and politics taught him focus, determination and the ability to understand, predict and manage people. His success in life is proof that “the Nigerian Dream” exists and that with providence and handwork one can aspire to any height in life.”

Chritics say he is too tolerant, too trusting and that he allows things to fester until they get out of hand. His admirers say that he is reliable, does not forget friends, has a large heart and that because of his own experience in life he finds it unbrearable to see people suffer. An American wife of a friend once likened Atiku to a sandalwood thatgives its frangrance to even the axe that will cut it down. But in government, Atiku will discover that it pays to have both the tenderness of a lamb and the heart of a lion.

I particularly like his forgiving nature. To be frank, I am not one who forgives easily. It is probably something I need to learn from him. I just find it hard to let go of things for instance if I get offended by someone, although it is usually very rare for me to get offfended anyway. I think I have a very wide range of tolerance. I could say I am not a soft iron but a steel because the latter takes time to get magnetised and also does not readily loss its magnetism.

One other quality I admire in Atiku is his high entrpreneurial acumen. Also, he is someone who shows a vision of a strong, sable, united, prosperous and democratic Nigeria, as Onukaba would put it. I think he is just made and not just born. Hence, Onukaba describes him as a man of destiny. Long may he live.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

QLA -Quarcoo Linear Algebra. Are you thinking of taking this Course?

I did told you that I was going to have a blog on my last semester courses. Well, I took 19 credits last semester. I did pre-register the previous semester, but for a reason not very clear pre-registration did not work for lots of the students. Rumors went that the Samuels portal crashed. The Samuels portal is the AUN students’ registration portal. It was by developed by some Pakistanis who are also pioneer students of AUN. You may want to read about it here. I was supposed to take micro-economics last semester but the class was filled. I was asked to be on a wait list that another section will be opened. I then wrote my name down. As at on Friday the last day for add a course, no new section was opened. Just then I began to think of adding another course. On Monday, the following week, I went to the registrar’s office to check if the micro-economics class was still opened. There were some students still registering however. So, I was convinced that it was not late officially, not knowing that those ones had some grace. They probably had some problems with their registeration or something. In the evening, I met Dr Joseph Quarcoo who asked whether I was not taking Linear Algebra. I told him I had not done Calculus 3. He told me that it was not a prerequisite and that one of my mates Daniel Iyade who took calculus 1 with him was doing it. I was very surprise to hear this. Why didn’t Daniel told me that he was going to add it? I asked. Then I made up my mind to add it. I had missed a week of class. But it doesn’t matter I taught. I will still be able to survive. I had not known that it was a sort of very abstract course. I was then in my way to hell as I dashed into the registrar’s office to collect the “add and drop form”. And so, filled in the course I was about to add and other requirement. Then I was told I cannot add more than 18 credits unless the dean approved it. I met the dean who said he cannot add it because it was already late to add a course. Then I sent a mail to the academics vice-president complaining of my inability to add other courses while I had taught another section was going to be opened for micro-economics. At last, on Tuesday morning, I was added to the class. In the afternoon, I met Daniel and asked him why he had not told me he would be doing Linear Algebra and he said it was the dean that suggested that he do it. He said he was about to drop it. He was already complaining. But it is algebra now, I told him. He told me that it was not as I think and that if he had known he would not have been doing it in that third semester of his. That same day, I went to the book store to get the textbook. Little did I knew that it was going to be the course that I was going to spend about 70% of my study time in and at last, I dropped the course. I actually dropped the course on the day of the final exam!!! What a tragedy. I was just tired and bored to prepare for finals. I was on a D and just felt trying hard to study for finals would not produce the desired result. It might even make me perform poorly in other courses which ultimately will reduce my CGPA. I had met the professor some days before the finals and he has said he could give me a WP (Withdrawal Pass) if I am considering dropping. I told him I was doing 19 credits and it was responsible for my seemingly not catching up in the course and he understood. On the final day of the exam, I worked into the exam hall and told him that I have made up my mind to drop. I came late for the exam anyway and it was obvious that I had no intention of writing the exam.

During the semester, the course Linear Algebra, which I coined as QLA which stands for Quarcoo Linear Algebra was that though that I was considering changing my major. Dr Quarcoo was known as the toughest AUN professor. And the course Linear Algebra was a very abstract course despite. You can imagine a tough professor and a tackle an abstract course. Of course it is the students that will sufferer just as the saying: “when two elephants fight, it is the ground that will always suffer”. I was thinking this could be the hardest course in life and wondered what rocket science or any other though course could be. I was also seeking for any advice to help me sail through. This made me to ask yahoo group a question. You may read the question I asked in the yahoo group and the feedback I got:

Eruditprince:( My yahoo username:)
(title of question) What major is generally for smart persons? Is Linear Algebra generally hard or is just me that is dull?
I use to think that physics, engineering and computer science are for people who are naturally gifted for them. ie. good mathematics persons. A course like linear algebra is kinda very abstract for me to comprehend. Am I dull or the course is generally hard? How may I help myself? Do I change my major?

Gymdudenc: Linear algebra can seem basic, or it can seem quite difficult depending on who is introducing it to you. For instance, I tried it the first time as a freshman at USC with a man who spent the entire first day talking about subspaces. He also did not provide one non-abstract example the entire class. 2 girls even cried during this class - though he was very rude to them. I dropped it immediately. The next year I transferred to a different university and took it again, and this time it was introduced correctly and I breezed through it. So it may not be you that is dull. If you professor started off with a review of matricies and vectors, and started you off solving systems, finding inverses, adjoints, transposes, etc of matricies .....and then started talking about vector spaces, subspaces, spanning sets, basis, diagonalization, and maybe THEN the tough stuff, then he or she has done it correctly. Otherwise you may well feel lost in a sea of confusion.If they have followed this format and you are still sinking, remember that linear algebra is cumulative just like high school algebra. See if you can try to narrow down where your most basic problem lies. If rank, spanning sets, and other introductory ideas are giving you fits you can forget about hermitian operators and real hard stuff.Make SURE you are solid with matrix manipulation, as you'll work with them extensively. Make sure you know properties of determinants like det(AB)=det(A)det(B) and that A^(-1) exists iff det(A) not equal to 0. Make sure you know the definition of a vector space, and the definition of a subspace. Make sure you know lots of examples of vector spaces and subspaces, as professors LOVE to ask for examples of such. If you can do these things, you should get through any introductory linear algebra course as the final should test mostly the basics. Now, if you're taking advanced linear algebra or a linear algebra graduate seminar, you gotta know undergrad LA inside and out!!!!Also, I assume you ARE reading your book. If it is too in the clouds for you, go to the library and look for another text book. There are some real nice linear algebra books out there (modern day) written with the idea in mind that not all taking linear algebra intend to become mathematicians - and most are incorporating some differential equations into it.

Sally: Engineering is the hardest major because it is basically having a major in Mathematics and a major in Science

doug_donaghue: Having spent a few years teaching college math, I have to say that Gymdude pretty much nailed it.Fact is... There is a -huge- difference between being able to do a thing and teach a thing. (And that's true in everything, not just math) I don't think I ever taught Diff.Eq. without someone asking at least one question that made me actually wonder if I understood it as well as I thought I did☺ And the fact is that for all my students said that they learned from me, I usually learned even more from them.Try another teacher. And remember that everybody 'learns' differently because no two people ever have the exact same referential background to which they relate new knowledge. The wise teacher knows how to say the same thing at least 3 or 4 different ways. After the 3'rd or 4'th time, if you see all of the headlights in the class are on, you're ready to move on to the next item. If not, you should start asking yourself, "What am I doing wrong?"The other problem is that -way- too many teachers are willing to give a student a passing grade just to get rid of them. And all that does is screw the student up even more later on. You really have to have it all together before you start to hit the more abstract areas. Don't be afraid to go find one of the 'worked problem' outlines (either in a bookstore or online) and work through a few of the problems. Don't just look at them, take paper and pencil and do the steps to make certain you understand what was done and, more importantly, -why- it was done that way.

shinsplints99: I consider myself pretty good at math. I've got over 60 college credit hours in math. Linear Algebra kicked my butt. It's very difficult to "visualize" the concepts. It's VERY abstract. It requires a lot of memorization. Get the REA Linear Algebra Problem Solver. There are examples of EVERY type of problem you'll encounter. You can get it at many used book stores, or even your local library. If you can't find it at a used or new bookstore, try looking at It's only one course, so don't use it to decide if you should change your major. Look at how you do in your other math courses. They will be a better meter of how you'll do.

Of these, it was Gymdudenc who really hit it at the point. He really explain it deep and I love his answer. I think any computer science major doing Linear Algebra this semester should consider his advice if/when they have problem.

Friday, January 02, 2009

"Speecheless" by Micheal Jackson

I can't believe how and why I fell in love with this song Speechless, by the music genius Micheal Jackson whom you can also call the Miko Wacko Jacko. On coming to school this afternoon, I went to see the new dorms under construction and also saw the atheletic field that is being constructed. After collecting my bag which contains my laptop from the security, I boot it and checked my mail. Somehow, I have not listen for good music for a while now. Ok, you would not believe that I don't have electricity in my room where I live off campus even though my neigbour have. So, let me not tell you then because you think I can't be that lazy as to not connecting light to my room when I could do it myself. I also have a brother/ friend who could do it for me free. By Brother I mean we hail from the same place Benin, he is Mr Luggard and works as an electrician here in the PPDU unit of the university. So, ask me why I still want to remain in darkness. The truth is that I don't know. Meanwhile, I bought a small radio that uses just two batter and it got weak. I was just too lazy to replace it. Can you imagine how this holiday have made me lazy. At times, I sleep till 8.00 am in the morning. I a morning person who normally never sleep more than 6 am. Yes, I still do wake up at 6am but this time I take third round of sleep not taking into congnizance that I need to resume work sharply at 9.00 am. Oh, I did not tell you I have a vacation job. Yes, I do. I work in the admissions offfice. It is a good time to get some pay you know because in three weeks time, it will be back to school. I might still be engaged in work-study program during the semester anyway. But the working hours is limited to 10 hours a week for a pay rate of $2 per hour. Anyway, that is just by the way side.

As for why I am now lazy, I think my friend, Daniel Iyade is to blame. It is he who says I should be resting. He says I seem to work too hard and such definately reduces efficiency. So that's probably why I am never an "A" student even right from high school despite my hardwork. It is true I am a "work aholik". What many people don't also know is that I am also a bibliophite. I just like being around with books. Many a time you see me going to class with book or with my bag. Of course my laptop and books are the contents of the bag. But the truth is most times I don't even read the book. I work on my laptop or maybe just look at the pictures in my books. That's if the book have pictures anyway, which is rarely the case you know.

Well, let laziness not deviate us from the topic. It is about a song that I fell in love with. It is so touching that I can't resist not blogging about it. Blogging, you know is one of my hobbies. I seemed to have abandoned it last year and a year before. But as everyone was making new year resolutions I deceided that I should also make one and let blogging come to life. I use to feel new year resolutions are for kids, you know and probably those have not been very responsible and trying to be responsible. I remember when we were kids, we will say this new year I will try to be very neat and would not insult anyone. Generally striving to be perfect, you know. But there are also people that do think they need to stop smoking or drinking, so make resolutions that they would become responsible in that regard. Pardon my use of responsible in this sense.

Ok, here is the lyrics for the song Speechless.

Your love is magical, that's how I feel
But I have not the words here to explain
Gone is the grace for expressions of passion
But there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain
To tell you how I feel

But I am speechless, speechless
That's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you
I am far away and nothing is for real
When I'm with you I am lost for words,
I don't know what to say

My head's spinning like a carousel, so silently I pray
Helpless and hopeless, that's how I feel inside
Nothing's real, but all is possible if God is on my side

When I'm with you I am in the light where I cannot be found
It's as though I am standing in the place called Hallowed Ground

Speechless, speechless, that's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am far away and nothing is for real
I'll go anywhere and do anything just to touch your face
There's no mountain high I cannot climb I'm humbled in your grace

Speechless, speechless, that's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am lost for words and nothing is for real

Speechless, speechless, that's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am far away, and nothing is for real

Speechless, speechless, that's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am lost for words and nothing is for real

Your love is magical, that's how I feel
But in your presence I am lost for words Words like, "I love you."

Click here to view the song on you tube.

Truly speaking, I love this song. You can't believe that tears is running down my cheek as I play it. It is so charmy and alluring. I don't even know the words to describe it. Observe the cadence -the rise and fall of the tone. It's just effable. It makes me think of one particular girl I met once in my life (in FUTY where I worked while I dropped away from school) whom I admired on the first and only -what would probably be the last, day I met. I was just speechless. I could not express my feelings at that instant. Maybe it was because I was -no, not tacturn, just reserved. I like to study people you know. I will write a post about her someday. I actually wrote blog about her although just like many of my writings I did not post it. I don't think I can even still get the writing. I use to write on piece of papers and dump; a sort of bad habit I need to stop this year. Right? And this particular one is more than a year and half ago. I just wonder how I can get it. I know it will be among my archives. Talking of alchives, I do have a Ghana must go bag where all old books of mine go into. I just pray I am not lazy enough not to not try and get it. Hmm, I'm becoming still being a complex writer after my writing instructor, Cherry Pavlick has encouraged me to always write simply. I pray she doesn't read this post.

I feel like dedicating this post to somebody. I actually have corple of persons in my mind. No guy included. They are all girls because only girls are princess, you know. People whom I would say are "down to earth girls" in AUN. Well, by this I mean girls that are beautiful yet very friendly . They do not discriminate. Even when you are on some shabby dress and your shoes aren't polished nor fashionable, they would still not hesitate to befriend you. They take you the way you are. In fact, they all have some unique gift in them. Some just have very good smile and when they smile at you, you would like yourself. So, you see that they are not just princess but "down to earth ones." They know they are princess but they can come down very low and that make me love them with all my heart. I think they understand the sense of the world in every aspect. Well I would blog about this someday. I know the question Oyinda Kossimani is thinking right now (that's if she's reading this now) is whether she is among the "down to earth girls" in AUN? She of course knows that the answer is NO!!!. Well I'm just joking. She is, even though she has laughed at me on two occasions. One was when I sleeped down and fell into the wide drinage between the SAS building and the library under construction on one afternoon when rushing to the cafeteriat during last year's Spring semester. I will blog about this someday also because this post is getting unnecessarily longer than I had anticipated. I would also blog about the books I am reading this holiday particularly our founder's biography titled The Story of Atiku Abubarkar. I just started it and it is very touching. In fact, I am going to buy two copies of the books as gift for some two friends of mine when next I'm going home. I hope to finish it tomorrow or next. Other books I borrowed from our library last week are Barrack Obama's authobiography - the Audacity of Hope, and the award winning Half of a Yellow Sun by the young Nigerian Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Until I post again, keep being your good self and stay away from trouble. I LOVE YOU.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chrismas day in AUN

I use to feel the urge to write and also create time to write. But that was those days when I was just growing up. Days when I was still a youth. Well, I'm still a youth anyway, but have become older. Maybe I should say young youth. I know you want to know my age but it is probably not necessary because I don't look it. The truth is that I am above 25. So I consider myself an adult. I mention this so that you would not wonder why I did not travel home during this year chrismas holiday. Yes, I am in Yola and in fact, in school, today that is 25th december. And Yes, chrismas is for kid but that wasn't why I did not go home after the fall semester. Okay, maybe I am not home sick anymore since I am no longer a freshman. But that would have been correct if a nostalgic feeling is the only reason people go home. Maybe if I tell you that I lost my home address you may not believe. So let me not tell you that even though it contains some elements of truth. Don't wonder because I could not actually only be such a dullard but the fact that I am aging could be a factor that makes me write down and keep somewhere, my home address. Never wonder because everyone is not the same. My Poor memory is actually what makes a friend, who thinks I'm a intelligent, wrong. Well actully, it has been my concern for a long time. That I have a very low IQ. This was proved wrong until yesterday when I did an IQ test inwhich I scored 149 on a scale of 200 and in fact I don't believe this IQ test. I am yet to find a reliable IQ test. But I agree with that test in some regard that I have a low memory capacity. The test says I can take on complext task. I use to believe this until I took a course MTH 212 titled Linear Algebra which I call QLA - Quarcoo Linear Algebra this last semester. This course is really abstract and the fact that the toughest professor in AUN one Dr Joseph Quarcoo, Ghanian is the sole teacher of this course in AUN makes it a course that can be called a hell bound course. I'm pretty sure I cried shared tears on one or two cases in class and many times outside the class trying to grasp the concept which was just too abstract. I later drop the course because I was failing it. I'm pretty sure I would have got a "D" and not a "C" if I had done the final exam. I actually dropped on one sunday which was the final exam day when my mates were writing the exam. I will blog about it someday. It just seem this blog is unnessarily getting too long. May be I should end it now. I have no idea of what to title it. May be I should say chrismas day in Yola because it is the first time I will be experiencing chrismas celebration in Yola - I'm not like Mustapha who has celebrated chrismas here before, you know. See his Chrismas in Yola post here. But this post did not really talk about how Chrismas was celebrated in Yola. I think I should titled it Chrismas day in AUN. I will leave now but not until I say "Be good to yourself and stay out of trouble." I promise to write again very soon. Until then, bye.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

NUC accredites all 12 programs of AUN

I was just trying to let you guys out there know that AUN have been accreditated by the NUC. I got this infomation pasted below from the NUC website. You can check yourself:
A total of 17 universities accreditated one program or the other that year. You can view the details here if it is no longer available in the nuc website.

I am yet to resume my blogging activity. Actually, lots have happened in AUN all these while and I really don't know what to let you know: whether the current happenings or the past. I totally don't know why I have not blogged all these while. Maybe because I have no camera to have a snap of events, because a blog that have not pictures is really very boring. The truth is that this semester is hectic. I have 19 credits and I'm like, this is the end of my life.

Today, GIEVAL, the Nigerian representative of the Education testing service body, came to offer a seminar specifially for seniors who would like to go to graduate school immediately after graduation next year may on the regisration process for the GRE and GMAT. I attended the program and I must say I gained so much expecially from our new dean of student affairs, Dr David Kosoko who gave the opening speach for the seminar. He talked about his personal experience as an undergraduate and graduate student in the US. I will have another entry to write soon I promise. I really need to study some stuff right away. I have learnt to use my weekends well because I am taking 19 credit this semester and the weekdays are very hectic. I had not started being serious for the semester until I failed my first quiz last wednessday. I just took it for granted. I had my first exam yesterday, Linear Algebra by Professor Joseph Quaco and as always, was hell.

Until I write again (not any sooner though), be good to yourself and stay out of trouble.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

AUN Students In Free Enterprise Bag Awards

I have really not blog for a while now. And blogging used to be my hobby. I really don't have explanation for this. Maybe it's because I feel overwhelmed by the lots of things I had to do as at last semester. But this is summer and I had not been so busy not to have at least write some nonsense. Yes, nonsense because I really hate editing my work. Each time I blog, it is usually the first draft. I'm too lazy to proof read it.
Last week, I was asked to write a report to be published in the AUN newsletter regarding our participation in the last SIFE Nigeria competition. What you see here is however a second draft of the write up. I'm just trying to get through that habbit of being lazy or reluctant to proof read my work. I would find time to update you on what happened last semester, what's happening right now and what we are looking forward to. Meanwhile this write up bellow is kinda very formal in the style it was written. You can guess why, of course. Happy reading.

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) is a global, U.S.-headquartered, non-profit organization that was founded in 1975 with the goal of improving the quality of life and standard of living around the world by teaching the principles and values of free market economics and entrepreneurship. Working in partnership with hundreds of universities and businesses, SIFE organizes, motivates, and trains university students to form “management teams” that design, develop and implement thousands of community-based micro-business, training and educational projects to create and expand economic opportunity through hands-on and practical training projects while they develop the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. In simple terms, it means students using the knowledge they gained from the classroom to make impact in their
community through the exhibition of project that transform lives economically and otherwise. SIFE Teams are active on more than 1800 university/college campuses in 46 countries. Each year, each SIFE team from around the world meet other SIFE teams in a competition, and this draw them together with business leaders who judge the various projects based on certain criteria. Our University is one of the newest institution to join this organization, yet has made an impressive achievement during its maiden participation in the competition this year. Our SIFE team was inaugurated during the month of December, 2007. The first major event in the SIFE AUN history is the SIFE Leadership Conference which was held in Jos. We were able to distinguish ourselves on all SIFE judging platforms. Our outstanding performance encouraged the SIFE Nigeria Country Director, Mrs. Ifedi Adesuwa to pay the SIFE AUN team an unannounced visit. She was so impressed at what she saw that she encouraged us to signup for this years’ SIFE Annual National Competition. With a bit of reluctance, we decided to take on the challenge. We immediately proceeded with the registration and began planning for the competition. We set out to carry out the various projects we conceived based on our assessment of our immediate environment and how the meet SIFE’s judging criteria. The projects include: (1.) public enlightenment on investment in the stock exchange market (titles EM-without-S), (2) Ethical customer care in banks, (3) Assisting a small scale entrepreneur in the acquisition loan for expansion of his business, and (4) Teenagers leadership training (titled Let-them-Lead). These projects address a number educational topic area which includes market economics, success skills, financial literacy, and business ethics.
1. Earn-More-Without Stress, our first outreach project in the Yola community was aimed at creating awareness and sensitizing the society on how they can be part owners of companies through the purchase of shares.
2. The ethical customer care in Banks was a project in which we, after careful planning, studying and piloting, we randomly selected some banks in Yola and a few of their customers and administered series of questionnaires to them. We used various statistical tools to analyze the results and then set out on a series of seminar interventions of sensitizing the banks of their responsibility to be ethical in carrying out banking practices.
3. Assisting a small scale entrepreneur in the acquisition of loan for expansion of his business was a project in which we assisted Yola poultry farmer who at that time found it difficult to access micro finance to expand his business. We carefully studied his business and outlined his business growth potentials. We assisted him to write and document a proper business plan for his business which he used in accessing micro finance. We also taught him how to use various financial and accounting record systems to project the state of his business.
4. Let-them-lead was a project that provided some teenagers within the Yola community the tool to become effective leaders. These projects were presented to a panel of judges during the first round of the competition held on June 13th this year at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua center in Abuja. It was our maiden participation in such a competition tagged SIFE Nigeria National Entrepreneurship Education Competition. This event which has 27 tertiary institutions across Nigeria participating in it was in a league format and each league had a minimum of five schools. We were in the coca-cola league and other SIFE team in our leagues were from University of Portharcourt , University of Uyo, Tai Solarin College of Education and Lagos State Polytechnic. We came second in our league. The following are the ten members of the AUN SIFE team that represented the school in the competition. Peace Ugochukwu, Oluwafeyidamilola Moronke Akapo (aka Feyi), Aja Ekpei ogban, Fatima Adamor (aka Fati), Samson Oyemala (aka Sam -Team Leader), Wisdom Omuya (aka Wiz, yes his really a Wiz kid), Ogbonnaya Ukwa Kalu (aka Java), Temitope Bankefa (aka Tope), Omorogbe Omorogiuwa (aka Omorx), and Ishaq Sa’adu (president). The faculty advisor is Dr Benjamin Botchway Earlier this month, we received an invitation from SIFE Nigeria to attend the final round of the competition held on 15th July, at the Shell Hall of the Muson Center, Onikan, Lagos where the finalist teams competed for the chance to represent Nigeria at the SIFE world cup in Singapore. After the event, the award of prices followed and our SIFE team bagged four award:First Award- 1st in our League on Ethics project and presentation, Second Award- 2nd in Coca-cola Entrepreneurship.Third Award- Overall WINNER on Ethics Project and presentationFourth Award- Cheque of N250,000. for the 3rd Award.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who Would Save Africa

It was some time two years ago
when someone looked back at the past
on what our ancestors suffered during the slave trade
Then she cried loud for help asking,
who would save Africa?

I was there and
I saw her
she knelt down
and shed tears
tears of blood,
straight from her heart
who would save Africa?
It was indeed a cry,
a cry over split milk

Her hopes were high
She could offer to help
But she lack the capability
The best she could do
was all she was doing
with an unimmagine solemnly
wailing and mourning
crying and yearning for help
not for herself
but for Africa,
the dying Africa

And at last
someone heard her cry
pittied her and said
your pains I share from
stand up from your knee
and cry no more
I would build a school
it shall be a place
where African children would dream
It shall be a place
that would prepare them
preparing them for the challenge
the present challenge
the global challenge
So that they would never lag again.

Abti-American University of Nigeria:
a place where African children are encourage to dream

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall 2007 break

I've deceided to blog today despite that I havn't yet got a full doze of sleep. As you know already, this blog will mostly contain my activities. Yesterday was salah night party here at AUN. That's why it's easy to tell why I am behaving like a drunkard. Yeah, I am really. I walk as if I'm gonna fall and I write as if I am in primary one. As thursday and friday were class free day, lots of people travelled. So that's one reason why it wasn't a very great party. The turn out wasn't very great as compared to previous parties. However, it was just fun all through. The music was more of the "gbedu' and students really liked it and danced in the "gbedu" way. Then comes "ko ko bi lo" of Lagbaja. Beside the friday party, I've enjoeyd the salah break in a very unique way: cycling. I've not yet got a bycicle here in Yola. But I borrowed the Samuel's (5 parkistanis students who are of the same family). It really was a muscle stretcher as observed after cycling for about 30 minutes, visiting friends for the salah celebratioin, going to joing Boy's Brigade among others. I probably had not mentioned on this blog thtat I like matching and playing band. I had always wanted to join the Boy's Brigade but dad never like things like this, you know. This is one reason I started fighting for my freeedom since I was 19 and today I'm a frree man. At 8pm today, I would be in the Media club meeting. In less than two hours from now, I would be in the Washington Hall of the Multi Purpose Building for a lecture on HIV and AIDs to be delivered by one Micheal Obiefuna, a guest from University of Maryland. Only a prophet can tell if I can wait till the end of this lecture. Whao, I have another club meeting at 8; Media club. Currently, I work (full time or part time? don't ask me) in the Printing and Photocopy shop, attending to fellow students for their printing and photocopy needs. It was set up of recent and is a kind of extension from the library. Never mind me if I'm not giving every details in this blog. Remember, I did mention that I'm gonna make my posts on this blog brief. Again, writters often leave certain things out just for readers to infer for themselves. So, since bloggers are also writters, we aren't left out. Be rest assured that what you infer isn't wrong, although isn't absolutely correct either. Happy Salah to to you. Barka De Salah.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Freshmen on the Campus as AAUN becomes AUN

I have really not blogged for a while. I have been too busy working in the admissions office. Well, if you say summer job or work-study program, you aren't wrong, but you aren't absolutely correct either. It's actually been a voluntary work. Someone said I'm probably the only student volunteer on the AAUN campus. Any way, that's not the essence of this post. It's just to let you readers out there know that I'm still breathing and also that school has resume for this fall semester. There is a big news that every student was happy with. The change, no not change, streamlining of our school's name from Abti American University of Nigeria to American University of Nigeria. According to the 5th edition of the AUN Newsletter, "Mr Abba Tahir, AUN's Director of Public Affairs, revealed that the new name was chosen by the University's Board of Trustees to reflect a general trend in the naming of American Unviersities worldwide." American University in Cairo and american University of Bulgaria are examples of American Universities abroad and are named with the name American University while the geographical location is just added to it. also, it was stated in the Newsletter that "the name 'ABTI' prefix, sometimes causes confusion among international audiences including potential donors." With this, it believed that the confusion is removed. Well it's delighting to see new students on campus. There are just green, you know; having never taken any of the series of baptism of reflection papers and seemingly unending assisgnments, and probably having ever even known what it means to have a deadline approach as well as the meaning of 'good morning quiz'. Many, if not all I think, wouldn't even know how many hours there is in a week, by heart; only that in a day. For them, it would be the first time they would know that the number one problem of a college student is time management. It would be the first time they would probably know that the day is very short and seem less than the 24hours they had known it to be. So the words "Time Flies", "No Time" or "Ba Locaci" are going to be their favourite words as the semester rolls by. During the orientation, I saw lots of things which I may not be able to say base on poor recall of events by that milky convulated matter that hides inside my skull. Sure, I can't forget that I saw some greeen leaves (males) that pulled their trousers almost half way, far below their waste exposing their boxers, and then to feel that it's the reigning thing. Well, probably they are just delighted to be in an American University or probably just happy that they aren't in a school where dressing code is enforced. But if I had a sharp memory, I would have tried to take note of those students if they can still do same in their second semester; that's actually if they have not been kicked out of the university. Not many prospective students and freshmen know that students get expelled from the university. Many think if they can afford the tuition then there isn't any way the school would want to rusticate them. Well if you are one of those that think like that, it's high time you desisted from it because it's not true or put more empatically, it is A WHITE LIE. Ask upperclassmen and they would tell you that students get driven from the univesity every year, base on one problem or the other. It could be behavioural or on academic ground. This post is getting too long. I must end it now, but not until I have mentioned that two days ago was the orientation party where freshmen really tear it out with the upperclassmen in the dance floor. This years party was held at the court yard of Dorm F, one of the new dorms. I didn't tell you that during this semester four new dorms have been built and they are really nice. Three of these have rooms that are 4-in-1 with the facilities inside while the last one is a Luxury dorm i.e. has rooms partitioned, with a wider bed (family size) and the toilet and bathroom facilities in one section while the other has sitting chairs, a center table and a shelf where you can place your personal TV and video in. All of these dorms have DSTV and wireless internet conectivity just like the old ones. Personally I prefer them to those in the permanent sites. I would post pictures of them as soon as they become available. The AUN league is gathering momentum. I heard freshman have a league called Ashanti and that will bring to a total of seven leagues. I also understand that AUN will be represented in this years Private University Games to be hosted by Barbock University in Ogun State. I am sure I would begin training now since I plan to participate. It's being long I trained. I do hope that I would be fit. There are lots of other people that are qualified and they might just be prefered than me. No bad in trying my best, anyway. Let me hear you say good luck to me.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Activities for this Up-Coming Semester

As school starts next week, I'm already planing for it. This is a draft of the e-mail I just sent to the Director of Athletics. I met him last week and I was exited to know that our school is having athletics among the sport this semester.

Dear Coach Bello, I am writing to notify you of my interest in AAUN
As I told you, when we met in the Admissions Office the other day, I'm a maraton runner. I should have sent you this e-mail earlier, but I needed to see first if I could still run. So on sunday, i.e. two days ago, I made out to the street of Yola, heeding to Jimeta. I however broke down on getting to Yola run-about after having ran 25 minutes. Some how, I think it is still a nice start as it's been eight years ago since I ran this far. Right now, I really don't know whether to train myself for short distance (to gain speed) instead of for long distance race (to gain stamina). This is because training for long distance race is highly demanding and in this coming semester, I've got lots of activities to engage in. I'm in the school choir, newspaper club, hope to join one of the intra mural football league, engage in work study, have 22 credits to register (which sur-passes the highest number of credits-19, aloud to register in) and with honor in each, joining book club, joining AAUN ACM (i.e. Association of Computer Machinery) and probably engaging in high jump. I am really not very good at the latter but I love it greatly. I could squize out some few miniutes each week preparing for it if available. I may also spend 20 mins every week, playing lawn tennis. Until I hear rom you, Omorx

If it is not obvious, I would let you know that most things here is an exergeration. I really thought I was going to do them. But there is a big difference between what is ideal and reality. Someone could say I am a big dreamer. That's true and I like it. But daily, I strive hard to be an achiever. This is my greatest daily struggle.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Pagan in the Church

I did mentioned in my last post that I was going to tell you the reason I went to church on the first of July and why I would again continue to go, at least before school resumes. Right now, I’m really bored here in Yola. This gets worst on Saturdays and Sundays when the school library does not open and so I don’t go to school to read. You know it sucks when you don’t have anything to entertain you while you are alone in the hut in which you live and on stepping out of the room the faces you meet can’t interact with you because they are speak Hausa which for now, I still can’t understand clearly (really ashamed of this). But don’t think you too can’t be a victim of this if you can’t speak Fulani because this is the Indigenous Language of the people here. So, many a time, they miss up this language with Hausa which makes it more difficult for a learner of Hausa. Of course you now see why, no matter what your level of paganism is, you would definitely oblige the invitation of a friend to church especially if you like social life like me. This was one of the reasons I went to church last week. During the church service, I was ambivalent whether to come again in the following Sunday or manage the little boredom that characterizes my weekends at home. The preaching was full of trite stories heard from my pre-teenage days; irrational stories of old and how we must be godly to make heaven, how Abraham was faith to God and God said he would have the same number of children as the number of stars in the sky, etc. I however did love the music; the acoustic combination was really great. I loved the way I was welcomed (song, hand shake with almost every member of the church and an offer of a bottle of Soft drink after the service) and the manner in which every one welcomed the other. I latter learnt that this was a tradition and I did know at once that it was peculiar to that church alone. This is because in all the years in which I had been “church halorting” I never found this. I probably love the beautiful faces of the girls that sat around me ( Any way, I did promise to keep my post short. So, I would stop here now.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Story I know Nothing About

As I picked up a high school magazine from the serial section of our school library, titled Voices of the Queens, a publication of Government Girls' Secondeary School, Yola, this morning, I found in the Riddles page a creative writing by one Atuna Dauda. It interested me and I thought I should post it on my blog 'cos I like blogging. It's titled:

The Story I know Nothing About

Goddnight Ladies and Gentlemen
I stand before you to sit behind to tell you a story I know nothing about.

Before that any way, listen to this announcement.

There is going to be a general men's meeting for women only.
while coming put on your best clothes since you have none.

Admission is the only if you can pay at the gate.
There's going to be lot's of chairs but you'll have to sit on the floor.
Anyone who comes early would be given a from seat at the back of the hall.

Now to my story.
One bright morning in the middle of the might, two sick men woke up to fight.
Back to back they faced each other.
Bought out their sword and shot each other.
A deaf policeman heard the sound and ran to the spot where the sick men lay.
However, if you think that my stay is a lie, then ask the blind men and women. They saw it too.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A ladder Made of Sand

I just thought of the bad day I had last week on the day I was to register for classes and I remembered five years ago when I felt a similar way and deceide to blog on it since blogging is one of my hobbies.

They gave me dune to climb
to the peak of my success
Telling me they shall see my down fall.
It was the beginning of mix feelings.
Poor me whom God has not caused,
No one can cause.
It was the day meant for happiness but sadness planned to take combart.

It was the day when the evil one refused to come out of its shell
waiting joyful for injustice
but to no avil.

This is the only part I can remember from the poem. It was written by Nosa Bello, one of my high school pal who, like me likes writing, poems, etc. This was written on the day we were defeated in a quiz competition sponsored by NNPC in all schools in Benin City, Edo state.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just One is as great as a Whole

One song can spark a moment
One flower can wake the dream
One tree can start a forest
One bird can herald spring
One smile begins a friendship
One handclasp lifts a soul
One star can guide a ship at sea
One word can frame the goal
One vote can change a nation
One sunbeam lights a room
One candle wipes out darkness
One laugh will conquer gloom
One step must start each journey
One word must start each prayer
One hope will raise our spirits
One touch can show you care
One voice can speak with wisdom
One heart can know what's true
One life can make the difference
You see it's up to YOU!"

Adapted from:

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Orientation Welcome Party Hosted by the Sophomores

It was another "bamb" yesterday as old students welcomed the new students with a dance party. You just could have been there. The first party held at the new cafeteriate in the new campus. Nothing has been more memorable.

I saw people I never knew could dance. People like Adunie, Azeezat, and Toyin. No one was more crazy than Hafsatu who had to pull her shoes when the music became more intoxicating, while others immetated her.

Well I can't write more now because class starts tomorrow. There is no time to waste this semester because it's gonna be tough.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Second Class Berbecue Dinner; that D day

Yesterday, the stage was set
melodious music sprayed the air waves
preparing a welcoming atmosphere
it was a dinner
the president Berbecue dinner

New students were there
their families were there
all being welcomed
as would an august guest
no doubt they were really augustus

a welcome speech and a dinner only
that only it was
but I saw something different
an inspirational terrain of how the day would be

That day above which no more assignment
were writing reflection papers would have become an old story
were studeying for class would be no more
and series of baptismal pop up good morning quizes would have been burried

that day when I sahll begin to say I am a member of the AAUN alumni
that day when I shall put on my red and green gown
matching gloriously to the pupit
to bagging my honors
it shall be a day of joy
and sadness shall not prevail
It shall be a day to remember
that day shall be a D day.

Dee Day Dat Doze Deadly Dos Dat Do
Dim Don't Do Du.. Du..Du...Duu Da Da Da Da Ha..ha.. ha

I'm sorry, I'm a little bit crazy at times

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Bad Day During the Second Class Orientation

Have you ever felt bad in life?
I need not be told
Sure there have been one bad day in AAUN
and that I can say was my worst day in the university.

It just happened that I was so hungry
and needed to go for lunch
in a far off place
which was the cafeteriat at the new campus
though only across the old campus

I was very hungry
for I had skipped breakfst
due to hurriness to catch up the 7 o'clock morning bus from town
and then it has ran late
having being so occupied with students orientation
though had not felt so hungry

But my spot is a very sensitive position
the first point of check in
so I needed someone to replace me before leaving
Hence, my main reason for being so late.

And someone came at last
then I left
waiting for 30 mins for a bus to arrive
It wasn't 30 mins yet
when I saw a bus
I taught I was only lucky
But found ourt it was going to the old campus.

This wasn't the only disasappointement though,
Prior to it, I had done a damage
It happened in my attempt to lend a hand
Carrying a luggage into the bus
and the handle went broken
And in fact, just then the world stopped turning!
It was incredible.

Although, the luggage wasn't heavy though
Yet that wasn't the main reason the handle broke
I had rather been too forceful lifting it
Maybe not willing to show my hunger or weakness
Truly a foolish act
And generally, an insane attitude
No wonder scientist say everyone is mad at least for 5 mins a day.

How do I say sorry?
It's hard expecially because the person is not my friend and worst all, a freshman, first day in the school.
How do I express my feeling that she may understand?
So that she can forgive me (though not forget it).
Writing only should be.

Summer Holiday in Yola; a Near Death Experience

During this summer holiday, May 2006, I deceided to stay here in Yola and make strategic plans that wouldl enable me return to school during the fall semester, getting adapted to living in the environment amongst others. But it was hell for me, I must confess.

First was the issue of language. Hausa was the commonest language as every one I met or that approach me speaks hausa at first conversation statement. And the most inriguing is that 9 out of 10 people here do not understand English. So, communication was really a problem. I could neither make friends easily or interact well. The best thing for me to do therefore, was to look for a book that can teach me the basis and I did provide one for myself. It was'nt the best way or I would say the most effective way however as I later learnt. It was really the frequent hearing of a word and asking the meaning from somebody that made it stick to my brain.

Other things like incessant plague of mosquito bit, excessive heat and lack of recreational fascilities really made me to have a bad time staying here in Yola. I had to tern it Yola esidential frustration because it got to a point were I was just tired of life here. I had no money yet would not call my parents because I was really proving some stubbornees (refusal to go home). If I had called home, mum would have at least sent some meoney but I was cooking some stuff as a madman. I never mind going to Sama brakery to buy bread and start tradingin sabo market (not revealing my identity as AAUN student anyway) For all I cared, there is Joy in madness known only to those that are in the process fand only they being insane can explain the joy of it, for if they do, you would not understand because you're not mad yourself. That was/is me and that was/is my phylosophy.

But after a month, I made some profit which was to carry me through to the point of expiration of my madness (end of August) where I would then need to call home so that they send me money.


My school has began an exchange program. They started with faculty and Dr Kinuthia Macharia from Kenya is the first coming from the American University of Washington. He has also once taught in Harvard University.

During last spring semester, he made a visit to the campus where he delivered a guest lecture on the Mau mau movemnt in Kenya. His urbanization lecture was realy interesting and he is indeed a professor whose class I know I would miss because I'm not taking that course this semester though, I love socialization and in fact, all humanity courses in general; phylosophy, psycology, western civilization, African civilization, literature, etc.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

People who hate to Sleep

I adapted this from Spotlight on literature

Not every one has believed that sleep is necessary. Napoleon I, emperor of France, and Federick the great, king of prussia, were two of these people. Even though they were leaders of their different countries at different times, they had one thing in common. They both thought sleep was just a bad habit that wasted time, and they both tried to proove it. They didn't do this together, but they both had the same method - staying up. But neither one lasted more than two nights, and they both needed several days to recover from the experiment.

I used to have this same feeling then, that sleep wasn't important but this time I not only believe but know and uphold it is one of the most important things in the world; a great necessity.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Summer Holiday is Gone

As AAUN was becoming a behive of activity, I realised that the summer holiday was going and I deceided to write this poem.

Summer hos, summer hols
Oh summer hols
You came
You stayed
You stayed
And stayed
As if you have no legs to walk away

Day after day
Week after week
you remained at a spot
as if cripple was your inherited name

Next month you would leave
But the month came you still stood
Standing and looking,
like the lost sheep
that lost sheep of Mr shepard
I would never come close.

The other day when you roard ,
It was like you were calling rain
maybe for another battle I thought
but it has been your greatest foe
so the the sound should only be a grunt

But I wonder what at last lose your tied legs
the rain had come
people were coming
the crowd was gathering
another serious battle was imminent
greater than ever
that has ever been
But behold, you ran away

Summer hols, summer hols,
the rain has won the battle