Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall 2007 break

I've deceided to blog today despite that I havn't yet got a full doze of sleep. As you know already, this blog will mostly contain my activities. Yesterday was salah night party here at AUN. That's why it's easy to tell why I am behaving like a drunkard. Yeah, I am really. I walk as if I'm gonna fall and I write as if I am in primary one. As thursday and friday were class free day, lots of people travelled. So that's one reason why it wasn't a very great party. The turn out wasn't very great as compared to previous parties. However, it was just fun all through. The music was more of the "gbedu' and students really liked it and danced in the "gbedu" way. Then comes "ko ko bi lo" of Lagbaja. Beside the friday party, I've enjoeyd the salah break in a very unique way: cycling. I've not yet got a bycicle here in Yola. But I borrowed the Samuel's (5 parkistanis students who are of the same family). It really was a muscle stretcher as observed after cycling for about 30 minutes, visiting friends for the salah celebratioin, going to joing Boy's Brigade among others. I probably had not mentioned on this blog thtat I like matching and playing band. I had always wanted to join the Boy's Brigade but dad never like things like this, you know. This is one reason I started fighting for my freeedom since I was 19 and today I'm a frree man. At 8pm today, I would be in the Media club meeting. In less than two hours from now, I would be in the Washington Hall of the Multi Purpose Building for a lecture on HIV and AIDs to be delivered by one Micheal Obiefuna, a guest from University of Maryland. Only a prophet can tell if I can wait till the end of this lecture. Whao, I have another club meeting at 8; Media club. Currently, I work (full time or part time? don't ask me) in the Printing and Photocopy shop, attending to fellow students for their printing and photocopy needs. It was set up of recent and is a kind of extension from the library. Never mind me if I'm not giving every details in this blog. Remember, I did mention that I'm gonna make my posts on this blog brief. Again, writters often leave certain things out just for readers to infer for themselves. So, since bloggers are also writters, we aren't left out. Be rest assured that what you infer isn't wrong, although isn't absolutely correct either. Happy Salah to to you. Barka De Salah.

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