Saturday, September 20, 2008

NUC accredites all 12 programs of AUN

I was just trying to let you guys out there know that AUN have been accreditated by the NUC. I got this infomation pasted below from the NUC website. You can check yourself:
A total of 17 universities accreditated one program or the other that year. You can view the details here if it is no longer available in the nuc website.

I am yet to resume my blogging activity. Actually, lots have happened in AUN all these while and I really don't know what to let you know: whether the current happenings or the past. I totally don't know why I have not blogged all these while. Maybe because I have no camera to have a snap of events, because a blog that have not pictures is really very boring. The truth is that this semester is hectic. I have 19 credits and I'm like, this is the end of my life.

Today, GIEVAL, the Nigerian representative of the Education testing service body, came to offer a seminar specifially for seniors who would like to go to graduate school immediately after graduation next year may on the regisration process for the GRE and GMAT. I attended the program and I must say I gained so much expecially from our new dean of student affairs, Dr David Kosoko who gave the opening speach for the seminar. He talked about his personal experience as an undergraduate and graduate student in the US. I will have another entry to write soon I promise. I really need to study some stuff right away. I have learnt to use my weekends well because I am taking 19 credit this semester and the weekdays are very hectic. I had not started being serious for the semester until I failed my first quiz last wednessday. I just took it for granted. I had my first exam yesterday, Linear Algebra by Professor Joseph Quaco and as always, was hell.

Until I write again (not any sooner though), be good to yourself and stay out of trouble.

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