Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chrismas day in AUN

I use to feel the urge to write and also create time to write. But that was those days when I was just growing up. Days when I was still a youth. Well, I'm still a youth anyway, but have become older. Maybe I should say young youth. I know you want to know my age but it is probably not necessary because I don't look it. The truth is that I am above 25. So I consider myself an adult. I mention this so that you would not wonder why I did not travel home during this year chrismas holiday. Yes, I am in Yola and in fact, in school, today that is 25th december. And Yes, chrismas is for kid but that wasn't why I did not go home after the fall semester. Okay, maybe I am not home sick anymore since I am no longer a freshman. But that would have been correct if a nostalgic feeling is the only reason people go home. Maybe if I tell you that I lost my home address you may not believe. So let me not tell you that even though it contains some elements of truth. Don't wonder because I could not actually only be such a dullard but the fact that I am aging could be a factor that makes me write down and keep somewhere, my home address. Never wonder because everyone is not the same. My Poor memory is actually what makes a friend, who thinks I'm a intelligent, wrong. Well actully, it has been my concern for a long time. That I have a very low IQ. This was proved wrong until yesterday when I did an IQ test inwhich I scored 149 on a scale of 200 and in fact I don't believe this IQ test. I am yet to find a reliable IQ test. But I agree with that test in some regard that I have a low memory capacity. The test says I can take on complext task. I use to believe this until I took a course MTH 212 titled Linear Algebra which I call QLA - Quarcoo Linear Algebra this last semester. This course is really abstract and the fact that the toughest professor in AUN one Dr Joseph Quarcoo, Ghanian is the sole teacher of this course in AUN makes it a course that can be called a hell bound course. I'm pretty sure I cried shared tears on one or two cases in class and many times outside the class trying to grasp the concept which was just too abstract. I later drop the course because I was failing it. I'm pretty sure I would have got a "D" and not a "C" if I had done the final exam. I actually dropped on one sunday which was the final exam day when my mates were writing the exam. I will blog about it someday. It just seem this blog is unnessarily getting too long. May be I should end it now. I have no idea of what to title it. May be I should say chrismas day in Yola because it is the first time I will be experiencing chrismas celebration in Yola - I'm not like Mustapha who has celebrated chrismas here before, you know. See his Chrismas in Yola post here. But this post did not really talk about how Chrismas was celebrated in Yola. I think I should titled it Chrismas day in AUN. I will leave now but not until I say "Be good to yourself and stay out of trouble." I promise to write again very soon. Until then, bye.

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