Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Golden Hearted AUN students that Volunteered during the last orientation

I wrote this early this semester to be a part of the AUN students magazine which unfortunately was never published. I mean the magazine has not or was not printed. Don't know what went wrong. Maybe funding.

The orientation exercise was very well organized; certainly the most organized since the inception of AUN. There are lots of instances to this one of which was the large number of students that volunteered. Such an increase in the number brought division of labor which made the entire process very effective and efficient. It was indeed a far cry from what it used to be in past orientation exercises when very few persons volunteered.

I felt very happy that AUN students were beginning to put into practice the things they have learnt unconsciously. They have learnt that the volunteering service is one way to be patriotic and patriotism is one way we can make AUN great. Also, there is a kind of feeling of joy that comes when you help somebody just for helping sake because you know that they are also going to help someone someday. And this really makes the world go round. These students who volunteered have demonstrated the spirit of love and it was love that does not expect anything in return. For this, I will call them “The Golden Hearted Students.” The large volunteer of students this year (the largest so far) recorded the largest number of students participating in the various programs outlined for them. This made the number of confusion cases that new students normally experienced highly reduced, making their transition to the university a smooth one.

Another reason that made it very organized was the duration of the orientation. It spanned over a week and so the new student had enough time to settle down before classes started. And for the new students, their hopes were very high and in my chat with some of them of lately, they agree that their expectations were surpassed and are convinced that AUN is a surely in the edge of soaring high among Nigerian and African Universities. I hope that these new students will volunteer someday in helping other students such that we can continue to achieve greatness. Together we can all make this great.

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