Monday, May 18, 2009

Freshman Composition: What is it?

You have heard that writing is a major component of the American Education and what we receive here in AUN is of no exception. Every freshman offers two courses of writting titled freshman writing or freshman composition 1 and 2 their first and second semestes respectively. But what do they write about?

Many of the writing courses are to develop your thinking ability. A professor would want to see how you reason and how built your imaginative ability is. I got this piece (sort of a trash) on the desk were I am going to do my studies and I found it interesting to blog about. It sort of tell about what professors ask students to write about and for prospective students out there, I felt you may like to know in advance what it is that professors would want you to do in a writing course. This writing 101 assignment is for students to create their religion. I will type word for word this student’s work without disclosing the student’s name however. I think it is sort of an outline.

Titled “Eighteen Questions about My Invented Religion

1. Address if your religion has a god or not: My religion will have a god. His name will be Bass and he will be known to humanity as a microphone (his image).

2.What are the six things people in your relition believe in?
The only sexual abomination is unprotected sex.
The concept in rap is not how you flow it, but how you knwow it.
All money is good money.
In the hood, Niges are like cutlery in the kitchen
Make more haters than you can count
Life is short

3. Six main rules of your religion
Thou shall not kill for no good reason
Never loss your chanin because it represnts your name
Never start a battle with your inferior
Never stal another worshippers lyrics
Do not abuse any microphone in any way
Never claim to be the best

4. Who (if any) will be in charge?
No one person will be in charge. A body of twenty-four of the world’s top producers
(each representing the coast of his continent) will run things.

5. What two things clearly will not be acceptable in your religion?
Piracy is forbidden
Never abuse a microphone

6. Who could and could not belong to your religion?
Conservationist cannot be part of this religion.

7. What religion is it the opposite of in anyway?

8. What roll will you play in uour religion and how will people treat you?
I will be the creator of the religion but no one will know that I created it

9. What will they call you?
People will call me the Voic of Bass.

10. What uniform will you and the men and women priests wear?
My identity will never be revealed because I will always be wearing black hooded sweet shirts with blue jeans and whit sneakers. The priests will also be dressed in the same way.

11. How would your worship building be?
Any structure with an elevation (stage) which allows for people on it to be seen will be used for worship when needed.

12. How much money will it cost to join your religion weekly/monthly?
Money will not be collected in cash. Rather worshippers are expected to buy at
least nine albums a month.

13. How will they pray in your religion?
They will pray with a pattern of lines or rhymes which can fit into a 4/4 music beat count. Any position is accepted except praying lying down.

14. Will there be singing and dancing in your religion?
Yes, Singing, and dancing and any other form of praise that do not conflict with
any of the six don’ts of the religion will be accepted.

15. Give me an example of a song.
Thug Mansion remix by 2pac featuring NAS

16. What will you call you religion?

17. Was there an old religion, what was it?

18. Is the religion magnetic, charismatic or forced?
It will be magnetic and charismatic but not forced

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