Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Freshmen on the Campus as AAUN becomes AUN

I have really not blogged for a while. I have been too busy working in the admissions office. Well, if you say summer job or work-study program, you aren't wrong, but you aren't absolutely correct either. It's actually been a voluntary work. Someone said I'm probably the only student volunteer on the AAUN campus. Any way, that's not the essence of this post. It's just to let you readers out there know that I'm still breathing and also that school has resume for this fall semester. There is a big news that every student was happy with. The change, no not change, streamlining of our school's name from Abti American University of Nigeria to American University of Nigeria. According to the 5th edition of the AUN Newsletter, "Mr Abba Tahir, AUN's Director of Public Affairs, revealed that the new name was chosen by the University's Board of Trustees to reflect a general trend in the naming of American Unviersities worldwide." American University in Cairo and american University of Bulgaria are examples of American Universities abroad and are named with the name American University while the geographical location is just added to it. also, it was stated in the Newsletter that "the name 'ABTI' prefix, sometimes causes confusion among international audiences including potential donors." With this, it believed that the confusion is removed. Well it's delighting to see new students on campus. There are just green, you know; having never taken any of the series of baptism of reflection papers and seemingly unending assisgnments, and probably having ever even known what it means to have a deadline approach as well as the meaning of 'good morning quiz'. Many, if not all I think, wouldn't even know how many hours there is in a week, by heart; only that in a day. For them, it would be the first time they would know that the number one problem of a college student is time management. It would be the first time they would probably know that the day is very short and seem less than the 24hours they had known it to be. So the words "Time Flies", "No Time" or "Ba Locaci" are going to be their favourite words as the semester rolls by. During the orientation, I saw lots of things which I may not be able to say base on poor recall of events by that milky convulated matter that hides inside my skull. Sure, I can't forget that I saw some greeen leaves (males) that pulled their trousers almost half way, far below their waste exposing their boxers, and then to feel that it's the reigning thing. Well, probably they are just delighted to be in an American University or probably just happy that they aren't in a school where dressing code is enforced. But if I had a sharp memory, I would have tried to take note of those students if they can still do same in their second semester; that's actually if they have not been kicked out of the university. Not many prospective students and freshmen know that students get expelled from the university. Many think if they can afford the tuition then there isn't any way the school would want to rusticate them. Well if you are one of those that think like that, it's high time you desisted from it because it's not true or put more empatically, it is A WHITE LIE. Ask upperclassmen and they would tell you that students get driven from the univesity every year, base on one problem or the other. It could be behavioural or on academic ground. This post is getting too long. I must end it now, but not until I have mentioned that two days ago was the orientation party where freshmen really tear it out with the upperclassmen in the dance floor. This years party was held at the court yard of Dorm F, one of the new dorms. I didn't tell you that during this semester four new dorms have been built and they are really nice. Three of these have rooms that are 4-in-1 with the facilities inside while the last one is a Luxury dorm i.e. has rooms partitioned, with a wider bed (family size) and the toilet and bathroom facilities in one section while the other has sitting chairs, a center table and a shelf where you can place your personal TV and video in. All of these dorms have DSTV and wireless internet conectivity just like the old ones. Personally I prefer them to those in the permanent sites. I would post pictures of them as soon as they become available. The AUN league is gathering momentum. I heard freshman have a league called Ashanti and that will bring to a total of seven leagues. I also understand that AUN will be represented in this years Private University Games to be hosted by Barbock University in Ogun State. I am sure I would begin training now since I plan to participate. It's being long I trained. I do hope that I would be fit. There are lots of other people that are qualified and they might just be prefered than me. No bad in trying my best, anyway. Let me hear you say good luck to me.

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